Contribute to ML4Code


Contributions of new or missing publications are very welcome. Alternative categorization/taxonomies can also be added to the website. To contribute, please open a pull request, but first please read the instructions below.

Adding a publication

To add a publication (new or missing), create a file in the _publications folder. The name of the file should follow the structure lastnameYEARfirstword.markdown where lastname is the last name of the first author and firstword is the first non-punctuation word of the work’s title. Within each file, follow the structure shown in the other files. Once the file is added, the work will appear in the “All Papers” section.

layout: publication
title: The title of the Publication
authors: F. M. LastName, F. M. LastName, ...
conference: AbbreviatedNameOfConference
year: YEAR
   - {name: "ArXiV", url: ""}
   - {name: "website", url: ""}
   - {name: "code", url: ""}
tags: ["tag1", "tag2"]
Text of abstract goes here.

The additional_links are optional and arbitrary and they will appear on the page referring to this work. Feel free to add as many additional links as needed.

Adding a new categorization

No single taxonomy or categorization can fit everyone. It is easy to contribute a new categorization to be shown in this website. First, create a data file, similar to those in the _data file describing your taxonomy. This can be a JSON, YAML or CSV file as described here. Then, create a folder and a page (or pages) that describe your taxonomy. Finally, submit a pull request to get this merged into the website.

Reusing the website structure

In principle, the structure of this website can be used for other literature reviews. Feel free to clone it!