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Deep Learning Approaches to Source Code Analysis for Optimization of Heterogeneous Systems: Recent Results, Challenges and Opportunities

Francesco Barchi, Emanuele Parisi, Andrea Bartolini, Andrea Acquaviva. 2022

optimization review

To cope with the increasing complexity of digital systems programming, deep learning techniques have recently been proposed to enhance software deployment by analysing source code for different purposes, ranging from performance and energy improvement to debugging and security assessment. As embedded platforms for cyber-physical systems are characterised by increasing heterogeneity and parallelism, one of the most challenging and specific problems is efficiently allocating computational kernels to available hardware resources. In this field, deep learning applied to source code can be a key enabler to face this complexity. However, due to the rapid development of such techniques, it is not easy to understand which of those are suitable and most promising for this class of systems. For this purpose, we discuss recent developments in deep learning for source code analysis, and focus on techniques for kernel mapping on heterogeneous platforms, highlighting recent results, challenges and opportunities for their applications to cyber-physical systems.

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