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Human perceiving behavior modeling in evaluation of code generation models

S. Kovalchuk, V. Lomshakov, A. Aliev. GEM 2022

code generation evaluation human evaluation

Within this study, we evaluated a series of code generation models based on CodeGen and GPTNeo to compare the metric-based performance and human evaluation. For a deeper analysis of human perceiving within the evaluation procedure we’ve implemented a 5-level Likert scale assessment of the model output using a perceiving model based on the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB). Through such analysis, we showed an extension of model assessment as well as a deeper understanding of the quality and applicability of generated code for practical question answering. The approach was evaluated with several model settings in order to assess diversity in quality and style of answer. With the TPB-based model, we showed a different level of perceiving the model result, namely personal understanding, agreement level, and readiness to use the particular code. With such analysis, we investigate a series of issues in code generation as natural language generation (NLG) problems observed in a practical context of programming question-answering with code.

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