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Fine-Tuning Large Language Models for Answering Programming Questions with Code Snippets

V. Lomshakov, S. Kovalchuk, M. Omelchenko, S. Nikolenko, A. Aliev. ICCS 2023

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program synthesis question answering large language models

We study the ability of pretrained large language models (LLM) to answer questions from online question answering fora such as Stack Overflow. We consider question-answer pairs where the main part of the answer consists of source code. On two benchmark datasets — CoNaLa and a newly collected dataset based on Stack Overflow — we investigate how a closed-book question answering system can be improved by fine-tuning the LLM for the downstream task, prompt engineering, and data preprocessing. We use publicly available autoregressive language models such as GPT-Neo, CodeGen, and PanGu-Coder, and after the proposed fine-tuning achieve a BLEU score of 0.4432 on the CoNaLa test set, significantly exceeding previous state of the art for this task.

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